Automotive Packaging: The Rise in Demand for EV Vehicles

The global market for electric vehicles (EVs) has been growing steadily. In 2019, the global market for EVs was valued at around USD 162.34 billion. This market is expected to grow at a significant rate in the coming years. By 2027, the global EV vehicles market size is projected to reach USD 802.81 billion. India is also one of the fastest-growing EV markets globally, with a significant push from the government to promote EV adoption. In 2020, the market size for EV vehicles in India was valued at around USD 7.2 billion. It is expected to grow at a significant rate and by 2025, the market size for EVs in India is expected to reach USD 68 billion. Industries that provide automotive packaging solutions stand to greatly benefit from this boom. In this article, we will take a closer look at significant reasons behind the rise in demand for EVs and discuss important aspects of electric vehicle packaging solutions.


Reasons for the rising popularity of EVs

The increasing awareness of the harmful effects of conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles on the environment is driving people to switch to EV vehicles. As EVs emit zero or lower amounts of pollutants and greenhouse gases, they are seen as the solution to the deteriorating air quality and global warming. Moreover, governments the world over are offering many incentives and policies to promote sustainable transportation and automotive packaging solutions. The improvement in charging infrastructure and battery technology has also increased the convenience and feasibility of owning an EV vehicle. The cost of owning an electric car is reducing due to a steady decrease in battery prices and the low cost of electricity compared to gasoline. An added benefit is reduced maintenance cost due to the absence of expensive internal combustion engine parts. Thus, the combination of environmental concerns, government incentives, infrastructure improvements, reduced operating costs, and technological advancements are leading to a rise in demand for EV vehicles. A corresponding increase in the need for electric vehicle packaging solutions is also being noticed in the industry.


Packaging solutions required for EV vehicles

EV vehicles require different handling than traditional gasoline vehicles due to the high-voltage battery. One of the most essential aspects of electric vehicle packaging solutions is ensuring complete battery protection. The battery should be packed in a sturdy container, preferably with protective foam or padding and such comprehensive packaging solutions will prevent damage during transportation. Importantly, careful attention must be given to EV battery packaging. Transportation safety measures must be taken to prevent any damage to the battery, wiring or other components. Since the battery cells inside electric vehicles should be kept within a certain temperature range during transportation, there arises the need of expert temperature-controlled EV battery packaging. Another aspect to keep in mind while offering electric vehicle packaging solutions is that EV vehicles are often heavier and bulkier than traditional vehicles and may require special handling and transportation equipment. Proper measurement and handling of the vehicle according to its weight and dimensions should be taken into consideration while providing customised automotive packaging solutions for EV vehicles. Lastly, proper documentation, including handling and transportation instructions, should be provided to the shipping carrier to ensure safe transport.


How Ficus Pax can help

At Ficus Pax provides seasoned electric vehicle packaging solutions that are in compliance with automotive packaging regulations. We focus on the efficient and safe transportation of electric vehicles, electric motors and batteries during transit. Connect with us today to get expert packaging solutions for EV vehicles!

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