Sustainable Packaging Solutions - Because Your Footprint Matters

sustainable packaging solutions


At Ficus Pax, we aim to provide truly sustainable packaging solutions to our customers that have positive environmental, economic, and social outcomes. We prefer to provide value-added options that protect our ecosystem, are renewable, and preserve natural resources. We endeavour to offer sustainable packaging materials that reduce costs and resources in the supply chain.  

Ficus Pax strives to reduce our carbon footprint and those of our customers by incorporating sustainability into our everyday activities. We begin by conducting an analysis of the environmental impact of our packaging solutions as they go through their life cycle. From raw material to manufacturing, use, and disposal. We keep track of different variables such as consumption of water, pollution, environmental risks, and the potential to add to global warming. These parameters help to measure the impact of existing solutions and design solutions with a lower impact.

Our team of engineers innovate, design, and adapt greener products to provide you with more eco-friendly solutions. The bottom line is minimum material and costs with maximum protection and durability. One of the ways that we reduce waste is by using returnable systems. These are products that can be reused several times while still retaining their strength and durability. This makes a huge difference in costs and the amount of waste generated. 

We monitor our plants, offices, and facilities to identify wastages, reduce energy, materials and water consumption and improve resource usage to make ourselves greener by the day.  We even encourage our suppliers to reduce their impact on the environment with environmentally friendly solutions. At Ficus Pax, we believe in sourcing responsible and sustainable material. Our goal is to optimize supply chains while protecting the environment and reducing costs. We ensure that our processes and resources comply with all legal and regulatory requirements of our industry.

sustainable packaging solutions
Ficus Pax Occupational health and safety

Environmental Health Safety

At Ficus Pax, we are committed to the safety and well-being of all our employees. We aim to implement sustainable business processes while protecting the environment and ensuring the health and safety of our staff. Our procedures focus on ensuring and improving the safety of workers and their surroundings while achieving the environmental goals of our organization.

We have identified the key stakeholders that need to be covered under environmental health safety, and have followed that with an impact and risk assessment. This helped us define objectives and plan on how to mitigate possible risks. The plan is ongoing and regularly updated, it allocates critical resources such as finance, technology and human resources to meet the objectives.  

We have mandated environmental health and safety programs for our employees to help them understand the importance of protecting the planet while allowing our business to thrive. This includes in-depth focus and information dissemination on workers’ rights and safety while also putting into place practises that ensure their safety. Our employees are informed about the potential environmental risks and the actions that we have taken to manage and prevent hazards. This helps to reduce the incidence of workplace injuries while promoting a culture of safety, accountability and responsibility

Our mitigation strategies are implemented effectively on the ground while ensuring that there is an effective monitoring program to track its success. We ensure transparency in incident lifecycle management to encourage our staff to report incidents and actions being taken. This helps us take corrective and preventive action.
Besides training and documentation, we also maintain a centralized register of reported incidents to identify patterns and trends that put safety and health at risk so that we may continuously implement improvements. 

We have regular worksite inspections for all our locations to assess and confirm the type and level of safe activities. The environmental safety that we monitor includes air emissions and ambient air quality, energy conservation, wastewater and ambient water quality, water conservation, hazardous materials management, waste management and noise.

Occupational health and safety that we monitor include general facility design and operation, communication and training, physical hazards, chemical hazards, biological hazards, radiological hazards, personal protective equipment and special hazard environments.

For community health and safety we monitor water quality and availability, the structural safety of project infrastructure,  life and fire safety (l&fs), traffic safety, transport of hazardous materials, disease prevention, emergency preparedness and response.

Ficus Pax Occupational health and safety