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Ficus Pax approach to CSR

CSR Activities

As we expand across the country and the globe, Ficus Pax recognizes its responsibility to the environment and to communities, both local and around the world. Sustainability remains a core foundation of our efforts toward corporate social responsibility. We are acutely conscious of the effects of our operations as a whole.  It is therefore our endeavour to develop strategies and policies which lead to a rollout of programs and initiatives that improve the environment and support the well-being of society.

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Ficus Pax approach to CSR
Employee Health Services - Ficus Pax Complete Packaging Solutions Provider

Employee Health Services

People are our greatest assets, we find that the importance of employee health cannot be overemphasized. Taking care of our employees’ health in the workplace is not only beneficial to them but also results in an overall effective and efficient work environment. Our employee health services help the staff feel cared for and appreciated.

At Ficus Pax, we are concerned about the physical and mental health of our employees. We conduct both safety and wellness programmes for our staff. It is our belief that a focus on lifestyle habits, diet, exercise and work life balance can enhance the wellness of our workforce. Our health benefits include medical checkups, insurance, leaves and gratuities. Ficus Pax is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment to all its employees while ensuring their health and wellbeing.

Employee Health Services - Ficus Pax Complete Packaging Solutions Provider
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