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Industrial Packaging has to live up to many requirements. Sometimes it might need to be protective from corrosion vibration, other times it might be suitable for export packaging or long term packaging. The right custom packaging solutions will not only protect your product but will also be optimized to reduce costs in your supply chain. At Ficus Pax, our solutions are engineered to give you the best results with the lowest costs. The materials are chosen depending on the size, weight, and sensitivity of your product along with the mode of transportation as it flows through the supply chain. The following are some of Ficus Pax’s packaging solutions.
AAA Boards
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AAA Boards

Ficus Pax AAA Boards

Ficus Pax AAA Heavy-Duty Boards have a minimum thickness of 15mm. This understated and often overlooked material is responsible for a total transition in the field of industrial packaging. AAA boards have introduced global standards to the Indian packaging industry, especially for export markets. Ficus Pax AAA Boards are an ideal alternative to wood, steel, plastic, and other bulky forms of packaging. Since they are both recyclable and environmentally friendly, Ficus Pax heavy-duty corrugated packaging made of AAA boards offers numerous benefits throughout the global logistics and supply chain. The eco-friendly packaging material is in compliance with Indian shipping regulations and specifications. It also meets the regulation standards of many other countries. Ficus Pax heavy-duty AAA boards can support the weight of a 2-ton automobile and have 10 times the compression strength of conventional corrugated boards. They are practical and convenient for stacking during shipping and warehousing and therefore offer excellent industrial packaging options. Ficus Pax heavy-duty corrugated cartons reduce the overall size and weight of a package as compared to wood packaging, thereby increasing load efficiency and reducing the cost of truck and container shipments. 

The Benefits of Ficus Pax AAA Heavy-Duty Boards are:

  • Ficus Pax AAA heavy-duty boards are stronger than the average corrugated board.
  • They are easy to customize.
  • They are cost-effective, sustainable, eco-friendly and 100%  biodegradable.
  • Ficus Pax AAA corrugated cartons are lightweight, recyclable and reusable.
  • AAA boards have a high load-bearing capacity and high stacking strength.
  • FICUS PAX AAA Heavy-Duty boards are weather resistant.
  • Their use results in a huge saving on fuel and air freight as weight is lower in comparison. 
  • They are easy to handle and transport which reduces handling and labour costs.
  • They are also pest, fungus, and termite-free and ISPM 15 compliant.
Cold Chain Solutions
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Cold Chain Solutions

Ficus Pax Cold Chain Solutions

Ficus Pax offers a wide range of complete temperature-controlled packaging solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as to companies in the healthcare, food service, transport and logistics industries. We design customized passive temperature transit profiles as per our customers’ needs. We understand that especially in pharmaceutical packaging, products like reagents, lab specimens, vaccines and medications are temperature sensitive and need careful protection in the packaging and shipment processes.

Our cold chain solutions are rigorously tested for extreme performance conditions to ensure the safety of your products. We offer cooling solutions for temperatures ranging from 2 degrees to 8 degrees for a duration of up to 120 hours. We also offer frozen shipment solutions for temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to -80 degrees for a duration of up to 168 hours.

We develop and use thermal packaging design using the thermodynamic knowledge and expertise of our engineers to maintain the cold chain of temperature-sensitive goods from packaging to delivery. Our temperature control solutions ensure the efficacy and safety of your products.

Nail-less Boxes
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Nail-less Boxes

Ficus Pax Nail-less Boxes

Ficus Pax offers nail-less E-1 grade plywood packaging boxes which cater to a wide range of industry segments. Nail-less boxes are made of wood with steel corners which makes them collapsable, and easy to assemble and dismantle. This is a great advantage that allows them to be collapsed and stacked during storage or transportation and then assembled at the client’s location. The nail-less plywood boxes we make can be customized to the sizes and weight of your product requirements as well as comply with export requirements. They can additionally have handles, locks or any other systems that you require. The combination of wood and steel offers superior performance in terms of durability, strength, weight and volume utilization. Nail-less E-1 grade plywood boxes score over traditional plywood boxes because they take away the need to have carpenters and nails to assemble on site.

Our Ficus Pax Custom Packaging Services include Nail-less E-1 grade plywood boxes with thicknesses of 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm depending on your packaging requirements. They can take loads of up to a few tons and side metallic hinges are made of galvanized steel available in varying lengths depending on the strength required. Since Nail-less E-1 grade plywood boxes are lightweight and entirely made of plywood they are exempt from ISPM 15 certification. These boxes are used worldwide in all industrial applications where valuable sensitive goods require cost-efficient plywood box protection and transportation, the basic material in the product is plywood which is usually made from birch and poplar. Nail-less Plywood boxes can be opened and closed and reused several times without affecting their performance, they also last up to 5 years. They provide protective packaging against the ravages of long-term storage, challenging transportation and changes in the weather. Nail-less boxes are an ideal packaging solution for light, heavy, sensitive, and high-value products.

Packaging Accessories
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Packaging Accessories

Ficus Pax Packaging Accessories

Ficus Pax Industrial Packaging solutions offer a large range of products to best customize your packaging requirements. As a complete packaging solutions provider, we also supply a whole range of accessories and consumables that you can benefit from. 

  • Angle Boards
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Air Bubble Rolls
  • Vci Rolls And Bags
  • Shock Watch And Tilt Watch
  • Anti Static Bubble Bags
  • Foams
  • Aluminium Barrier Bags
  • Plastic Pet Straps 
  • Silica Gel And Clay Desiccants
  • All Types Of Tapes
  • Sealing Wire
  • Edge Protectors
Paper Honeycomb
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Paper Honeycomb

Ficus Pax Honeycomb Boards

Ficus Pac has an innovative material in its arsenal of packaging materials. Honeycomb packaging is a lightweight, durable and cost-effective solution that, believe it or not, is made of paper glued together with a water-based adhesive. Kraft paper is custom engineered into continuous uniform hexagonal cells, which are inspired by nature and resemble a beehive. The surface panels of this packaging solution sandwich a honeycomb core. This versatile material is adaptable to a wide range of solutions and can be used both as inner and outer packaging, as blocking material, as a shock-absorbing product, as separators and to make pallets. Multifunctional honeycomb material can be used to package and protect anything from small electronic parts to large generators. It is designed to accommodate products as light as a cellphone to as heavy as multi-ton automotive parts. It is an ideal alternative to foam which is not biodegradable and has a negative impact on the environment. It can perform the same protective function as foam and is comparative in costs.

Benefits of Honeycomb Packaging

  • It is extremely strong, even stronger than steel, pound for the pound. It has a compressive strength of 7kg/cm2.  Its strength can be further increased if it is combined with other materials such as plastic, fiberglass or metal. 
  • It is super lightweight. With the strength of steel and the weight of paper, its strength-to-weight ratio is superior to many other materials.
  • Engineered paper is a competitive alternative to foam and wooden pallets 
  • It is reusable, renewable and 100% recyclable. It is usually manufactured from renewable and recyclable paper and uses less paper than traditional and corrugated cardboard.
  • Honeycomb material is cheaper to produce and purchase. It also has lower freight costs because of its lightweight. Overall a great cost-effective material with comparative durability and protection.
  • Paper honeycomb is easy to handle and customize. It can be used in a variety of packaging solutions. Although it is usually produced in panels and pallets, it can be die-cut to whatever shape and size and flexibility the business needs.
  • A coating of PE film will make it resistant to humidity and moisture.
Plywood/Pinewood Boxes

Plywood/Pinewood Boxes

Ficus Pax Traditional Boxes – Plywood and Pinewood Boxes and Crates

Ficus Pax custom packaging solutions offer boxes made of plywood and pinewood that are customized to handle any shape, size and weight requirements that you may have. Traditional boxes can be custom designed depending on the product to be extra strong and provide adequate product protection during storage and transportation. These boxes are called traditional boxes because they are nailed and non-collapsible. You can choose from a variety of designs and models which include a closed plywood box, a plywood box with a cradle, and a plywood box with a chest handle. As plywood packaging boxes manufacturers we guarantee that our boxes are reliable, sturdy, strong and made of the best quality wood

Ficus Pax Heavy Duty Packaging Solutions also offers crates as a cost-effective option for goods that require enclosure and protection but need not be as sturdy as a fully enclosed box. Crates are an excellent option for a lighter, less expensive box that can tolerate shipping and storage while offering moderate protection. Like pallets and boxes, we can also custom crates to suit a wide variety of applications. They can also be engineered to flat pack to optimize storage and transportation costs. Our range of wooden boxes and crates displays the quality and innovation which we put into all our products for both domestic and export purposes. They are both water and termite resistant as well as airworthy and seaworthy. Ficus Pax Heavy Duty Packaging Solutions is one of the leading providers of plywood and pinewood boxes and crates in India.

Wooden Pallets
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Wooden Pallets

Ficus Pax Wooden Pallets

Various types of wooden pallets can be used in packaging. They are used to protect both lightweight and heavy-duty products as they are strong, durable and can bear heavy loads. Wood is ideal because it is readily available and offers cost-efficient options as compared to other materials used in the manufacture of pallets. They also have an additional advantage: they are easily customizable making it possible to provide solutions tailored to your supply chain. They can be used for export packaging if they are heat-treated according to ISPM 15 regulations. At Ficus Pax, we offer you a range of wooden pallets depending on your packaging requirements. These include

Pinewood Pallets also known as Euro/US Pallets

These eco-friendly pallets have a 15% moisture content and are kiln dried. Euro pallets meet the standard requirements of the European markets. They are available in two variations, Standard Euro Pallets and Customized Euro Pallets. Standard Euro Pallets comply with the packaging specifications of the European Union. They are widely used in logistics, sea and air cargo transportation, and packaging in various industries. The typical dimensions of euro pallets are 1200x800x144mm and 1200x1000x166mm. US Standard Pallets are designed in accordance with the needs of USA and Canadian markets. The standard size is 1219x1016x160mm

Plywood Pallets

These pallets are known for their low moisture absorption. Due to their low weight, they are ideal for packaging large containers and for export purposes. The surface of these pallets is smooth. Plywood is not considered a tree and therefore is not considered a phytosanitary risk which allows you to avoid FAO, IPPC, and ISPM 15 clearances. Ficus Pax can customize and manufacture different sizes of plywood pallets of up to 3 meters in length. Our pallets can be designed as crated or full deck.

Technical Wood Pallets

At Ficus Pax, our technical wood pallets are manufactured by compressing wood chips under high pressure and temperature. Technical wood pallets are durable due to their high density of compressed wood chips. Our technical wood pallets have multiple advantages. The main ones are that they are recyclable and environmentally friendly. They offer superior product protection and improved dimensional consistency. During transportation, they can be forked from four directions. Our technical wood pallets meet phytosanitary regulations and ISPM standards. They do not require Sirex treatment as they are resistant to mould and insect damage. Due to their stackability, they are useful in saving space during transportation. Technical wood pallets can be customised or die moulded.

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