Optimize Space

Ficus Pax Packaging Case Study Optimize-Space

One of our customers was facing the issue of a waste of space. They needed a packaging box concept for small components of earth moving equipment. The customer’s current packaging provider as per the customer was fitting in 252 components per box with 126 boxes per container, allowing for 31,752 components per container.

Ficus Pax Proposed to fit 600 components per box with 72 boxes per container.

This packaging box concept was for 5″ diameter clamp rings. The base of the box was designed with a plywood pallet, on which we supported a 7 ply corrugated tray with a 3 ply corrugated tray insert to support the clamp rings. These trays with partitioned inserts were stacked one on top of the other for ten layers. The products were protected with a 7 ply corrugated sleeve which was lined with a VCI bag and capped off with a  7 ply corrugated cap. We fit 600 pieces in one box. The Box ID was 1079x841x640 MM and the OD was 1130x910x810 MM. Each pigeonhole in which the component was placed was 165x85x60 MM. The total weight of the components and the box was approximately 220 kgs. We were able to fit 72 boxes in a container which resulted in 43,200 pieces per container

This increased the number of pieces per container from 31,752 to 43,200 thereby optimizing the container loading by over 30% while giving optimum protection and support to the products.