Expert Packaging for High-value Aerospace and Defence Equipment

According to a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the global turnover of the aerospace and defence industry was $1.9 trillion in 2019. When it comes to the aviation industry, the highest exporters are the United States, followed by France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Russia. These countries account for nearly 80% of the global arms exports. Notably, China, Israel, India, and Turkey are also emerging as major aerospace equipment manufacturers and exporters of aviation equipment. With rapid growth seen in the aerospace sector in India, backed majorly by the Make in India campaign, there is a corresponding need of seasoned providers of global ultra large packaging solutions for aerospace equipment manufacturers. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the complex requirements of the aviation industry to meet its custom aerospace ultra large packaging solutions needs. 

An industry with highly specific packaging needs

Custom aerospace packaging solutions for high value aerospace and defence equipment involve a range of design, materials, and logistics considerations to ensure the secure and safe transportation of sensitive and expensive equipment. The design of custom aerospace crating involves tailoring bespoke protective foam inserts, customized aerospace crating, or specialized containers that can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, and impacts. The choice of material for aerospace packaging for high value aerospace and defence equipment is crucial. Typically, the materials used are highly durable and able to withstand adverse conditions. The choice of materials will be guided by factors such as the size, weight, and fragility of the equipment. The logistics of ultra large packaging solutions for the aviation industry that manufactures high-value aerospace and defence equipment are complex. The weight, dimensions, and composition of the packaging must be carefully considered to ensure it can be transported without damage or delays. Ultimately, the goal is to provide maximum protection to the equipment, and the investment in custom aerospace packaging solutions is essential to achieve this.

Materials used in packaging of high-value aerospace and defence equipment

To provide custom aerospace crating and packaging solutions to the aviation industry, it is crucial to select a range of materials that are highly durable and cater to the unique needs of the aerospace packaging. The packaging materials used in the aviation industry for the packing of aviation and defence equipment depend on highly specific requirements to cater to high levels of protection, insulation from shocks and vibration, and secure closure. Aluminium cases are commonly used to provide custom aerospace packaging solutions in the aviation industry because they are lightweight, sturdy, and offer high levels of protection against environmental factors such as water, moisture, and corrosive substances. Wood crates made of high-quality wood can also be customized to offer sturdy aerospace crating solutions. They are highly durable and provide protection from impact and other environmental factors. Common aerospace components needing crates include ailerons and rudders, engine parts, wing ribs, propeller and helicopter blades, engine cowls, and doors and fuselage sections, to name a few. Another common material used in the aviation industry to provide global packaging solutions are pallets. These provide a stable base for large and heavy loads and can be customized with cushioning materials to provide further protection. Additionally, foam and high-strength plastic is often used to protect delicate components during transit. It can be moulded to fit the exact contours of the equipment being shipped, providing a secure and snug fit.

High stakes and how Ficus Pax can help!

Custom aerospace packaging of aircraft components requires precision and planning pertaining to the designing and building of crates that are thoroughly safeguarded from potential damage. An oversight in providing custom aerospace crating and packaging solutions may end up in a huge monetary loss. Worse, a damaged part caused by faulty packaging may lead to loss of lives and hit the company’s reputation. We, at Ficus Pax, adhere to all the safety precautions used to pack high-value aerospace and defence equipment. Our well-trained staff is fully equipped to provide precision-oriented global packaging solutions. What’s more, we offer on-site services as well. Your search for a truly efficient and reliable partner to pack your aviation industry products ends with Ficus Pax. Trust us to expertly package high-value aerospace and defence equipment. Connect today for custom aerospace crating and packaging solutions!

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