Optimize Design

Ficus Pax Case Study - Optimize Design

Sometimes complicated situations can be rectified with the simplest of solutions. We had a customer facing issues with their packaging provider which was resulting in the paint peeling off their product, products being damaged and a high level of reworking activities. Our team at Ficus Pax designed a lightweight but durable solution to transport the customer’s product and avoid damage.

We proposed a 4 in 1 packaging box which included a pinewood pallet, a 5 ply corrugated base sheet, a holding component, a VCI cover and an HSC box of 5 ply corrugated BC flute with a cord strap. This design is the intellectual property of Ficus Pax. The parts weighed 118 kgs. The box included 7 ply AAA sleeve with pinewood dunnage and a 7 ply corrugated cap. This allowed the parts to be easily inserted and kept in place without touching each other. The front plate and cap with pinewood dunnage were then inserted to protect the parts from outside damage and from damaging each other. The cushioning effect of the dunnage also reduced the vibration and friction that the parts would experience in transit. The weight of this strong, durable box was only 45 kgs. As the end result, 54 such boxes were fitted into a container and 162 parts were packaged in total. Although we increased the quantity per box from 252 to 600 pieces, the number of boxes was reduced from 126 to 72 boxes per container. This increased the number of pieces per container from 31752 to 42200 thereby optimizing the container loading by over 30% while giving optimum protection and support.