Packaging Materials Best Suited For Aerospace Parts

Packaging Materials Best Suited For Aerospace Parts

The #aerospace industry has strict safety regulations and guidelines. After all, there can be no margin of error in any aspect of the manufacturing process. The #packaging, transportation, and storage of aerospace parts, therefore, requires equal diligence and must adhere to  AS9100. Packaging materials providers are required to design and implement #CustomizedSolutions accordingly. 

Imperfect packaging can result in damage, high costs, loss of time, and most importantly jeopardize the safety of the craft. Many components are extremely large, sometimes weighing over five tons, some are uniquely shaped and some delicate and fragile technological components require extra #sensitive packaging. 

Here are some of the packaging materials best suited for aerospace parts.

1. Anti-Static Foam

Anti-static foam is often incorporated into #customized high-performance protective cases. This type of foam is made from a static dissipative polyurethane and polyethylene material. Electronic and communication equipment are packaged with anti-static foam. It not only acts as a cushioning material but also helps dissipate electrostatic charges, which can damage sensitive equipment. The preference for anti-static foam arises from the fact that it is also #durable, resilient, flexible, lightweight, and moisture resistant besides being anti-static. It protects against high temperatures, physical impact, and changes in climate as well as biochemical hazards during storage and transportation.

2. Corrugated Packaging

#Corrugated cardboard is a strong contender in the packaging of #aerospace equipment. It is used along with other materials tried and tested to perform at specific levels. Specialist coatings can enhance the use and life of corrugated packaging. An anti-abrasion coating will help prevent scratches to painted and polished surfaces during transportation whereas a VCI coating can provide corrosion and rust protection for ferrous metals during transportation and storage. Grease and oil barriers can also be coated on corrugated cardboard for safe transportation of oily or greasy components. 

3.  Anti-Static Aerospace Packaging

ESD or  Electrostatic discharge is an extremely important factor to consider in aerospace packaging as it can cause high-value components and electronic devices to get damaged, either as a latent defect or as a complete failure. ESD shielding products come in various other forms besides anti-static foam, they include anti-static cardboard and moulded plastic. Sensitive objects are shielded from static by layering protective layers to dissipate static. An experienced engineering and design team will access the best material and products to provide anti-static safety.

4. Wooden crates or boxes

Aerospace parts tend to be large and can sometimes weigh over five tons. They have to be protected from movements and rusting. Here’s where wooden boxes and crates made of plywood and pinewood come into the picture. They are not only strong and secure but also built to withstand mechanical stress during transportation. Wooden crates allow the product to be completely sealed which protects it from both the elements and human interference. They can be sealed, hinged, made collapsible, and have removable sides. Wooden crates are economical, they can be reused and repaired which helps manufacturers create a greener supply chain as they are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Many materials can be used in the packaging of aerospace products. We at Ficus Pax are your aerospace packaging professionals in this regard. We use a variety of materials to protect against impact, shock, vibration, magnetic forces, humidity and temperature variations. Our range of products includes plywood and pinewood boxes or crates, anti-static foam, heavy-duty corrugation, steel or metal hardware, shrink wrap and aluminium foil covers. Our experienced engineers provide complete cost-efficient solutions and put the safety of your product above all else. 

We have provided packaging solutions to a large number of companies in every sector of the Indian Aerospace industry. Our product line includes Composite and Machine Boxes, Ruag Packaging Boxes, CH-47 Aft Crown Packaging, Boeing Packaging Boxes, Tail Cone Packaging Boxes, Fuselage Components, and Anti Static Component Packaging Boxes among others.

Get in touch with us to discuss customized packaging solutions that best suit your product.

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