4 Interesting Aerospace Packaging Ideas That Make A Difference

Branding Ideas in Aerospace Packaging

The manufacturing of parts in the aerospace industry requires absolute precision and scrupulous attention to detail. The challenge that providers of customized packaging solutions face is that they need to be shoulder to shoulder in the level of attention to detail when packaging aerospace equipment and parts. The technical aspect of packaging is designed by a team of engineers who will define the optimal packaging of the product to ensure its safety and cost-efficiency.  

Here are a  few ideas that add value to your packaging and help make a difference to your brand.

Design Packages That Are Reusable 

Sustainable packaging has taken the front seat as companies strive to reduce their carbon footprint. Packages designed to be used more than once while maintaining their strength and protective nature benefit both the earth and the environment. In the aerospace industry, this can be used to transport units that need frequent diagnostics, replacement or repair. Implementing the reuse of such containers also shortens turnaround time and improves the supply chain.  

Get Creative

The aerospace industry is as serious as it comes, but that does not mean it has to translate into boring. Considering that many aerospace parts are of extremely large proportions, the large packaging boxes and crates become prime real estate to showcase your brand and stand out from the crowd. Bright colours call for easy identification and recognition, especially against the competition. Brands can also use this space to take an active part in social conversations and socially driven campaigns as Dettol did in their  #DettolSalutes campaign and Pernod Ricard in their campaign – #EngageResponsibly 

Market Your Brand

If the packaging is going to be seen by a lot of people, especially those who could be potential customers, then adding branding colours and a logo to your packaging increases the recall ability of your brand. Think about the unforgettable Maersk star that is still seen on shipping and transport containers around the world. In the aerospace industry, branded packaging can be profitable at air shows, trade fairs and exhibitions. Packaging providers can use custom stencils or vinyl stickers to quickly turn a regular packaging container into something quite distinctive. 

Put A Window In

If a package is expected to go through customs or border checks, an observation port or window can be useful. Contents can be verified without having to break seals or expose the product. This is already a popular modification in shipping and cargo containers and may well benefit the aerospace industry. A window can also be used to monitor gauges inside a container for temperature and humidity.  

Adding a little extra thought and effort to your packaging design can amp up its value as well as make it more appealing. It could be a ramp, drop-down hinged sides, a viewing window or a colourful design. Not only does an effective packaging design lead to product safety, but it is also interactive and successful in your overall marketing strategy.

At Ficus Pax, we believe that from the smallest box to the largest packaged container our packaging material needs to be used optimally and creatively. Contact us to find out how you can use our aerospace packaging to make a difference.

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