Nailless E-1 Grade Plywood Boxes

Nailless E-1 Grade Plywood Boxes

FICUS PAX offers Nailless E-1 Grade Plywood Boxes for clients catering to a wide range of industry segments. The biggest advantage of using Nail-less Collapsible Plywood boxes is that they can be collapsed during transportation and assembled at the client location. Nail-less Collapsible export packaging system made of plywood and steel. This combination offers superior performance in terms of strength, weight, and volume utilization. Nailless E-1 Grade Plywood Boxes score over traditional plywood boxes because one does not need to have carpenters and nails to assemble these boxes onsite. Nailless E-1 Grade Plywood Boxes can take loads of up to a few tons and side metallic hinges are made of galvanized steel available in varying lengths depending on the strength required. The available plywood thickness in these boxes are 6mm, 9mm, and 12 mm.

Since Nailless E-1 Grade Plywood Boxes are light weight and entirely made of plywood they are exempt from ISPM15 certification. These boxes are used worldwide in all industrial applications where valuable sensitive goods require cost efficient plywood box protection and transportation, the basic material in the product is “plywood” which is preferably made from birch and poplar.

Nailless E1 Grade Plywood Box Dimensions can be upto : 2 Meters L x 2 Meters W x 2 Meters H.

We use E-1 Grade Plywood.

We make Boxes as per customers drawing. Thickness of Plywood Box can be 6mm, 9mm and 12mm depending on the packaging requirements.

Nail-less Plywood Boxes can last for 5 Years.

Nailless E-1 Grade Plywood Boxes design are either Ficus A/ B or C as per the images on the right.