Our technical expertise in the field of packaging has helped our customers develop and design better ways to package their products which has led to tremendous cost savings being more efficient in doing so, maintaining uncompromising quality and impeccable delivery schedules. Over the years, Ficus pax™ has earned the trust of our customers there by creating excellent brand value for itself.

Today all our factories are equipped with state of the art machines that are designed to meet global quality standards.

The company has astaff and worker strength of 700 including 12 Engineers. Every single one of them was new to the industry and has been trained by us. Our employees are highly motivated and very loyal displaying a high degree of Esprit de Corps. The employee turnover rate is negligible. We have at least 60 employees stationed at our customers' assembly lines for providing them with on-line packaging services.

In-house, our engineering team is constantly reviewing and improving existing products, as well as products in the pipeline. Each product is tested for various technical parameters that ensure high levels of reliability and functionality.

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