FICUS PAX USPs (Unique Selling Points)

  • Honeycomb Boards replaces Foam and Rubber as packing material.
  • Honeycomb Doors:
    Honeycomb is used in Europe vastly for making Doors and Furniture. It is used in manufacturing Doors. In Skyscrapers or High rise apartments, the weight of the building comes down because of the use of Honeycomb’s light weight. The main entrance and backdoor of any house/ flat can be of hardwood or metal for security purposes, but all the other doors can have Honeycomb Doors.
  • We do not use Jungle wood to preserve the nature. We are going GREEN to save jungles for the future generation.
  • We use Eco-friendly Stretch Wrap.
  • We are One Stop Shop For Packaging.
  • We do packing next to the customer.
  • We supply Just In Time.
  • We give equal opportunity to women to work in the manufacturing units.
  • We use IS-710 Plywood.
  • We have UN Certification for Dangerous Cargo. We are expert in manufacturing boxes as per UN Standards.
  • We are replacing Wood and Plywood Boxes with Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes.
  • We are Packaging from 5 Kgs to 100 Tons.
  • We are having 30+ Design Engineers for designing Packaging Solutions for our Customers.
  • We are technically very sound.
  • We provide On-Site Labours.
  • We are experts in Supply Chain Packaging.